November 2021 Conference for Future Creative Enterprises in Tsuruoka

The Conference for Future Creative Enterprises in Tsuruoka (hosted by Tsuruoka Science Park) was held at Tsuruoka City Advanced Research and Industry Support Center from November 11 (Thursday) to 13 (Saturday), 2021.
The conference featured lectures and panel discussions by the management of the Institute for Advanced Biosciences at Keio University (hereafter referred to as “Keio Institute for Advanced Biosciences”), which is located in the Tsuruoka Science Park, as well as several venture companies that were born from Keio Institute for Advanced Biosciences. They exchanged opinions on how large companies should cooperate with each other and what kind of human resources should be trained and utilized for the future society. In addition, with the aim of experiencing the spiritual culture of Shonai, which is attracting worldwide attention, and facing oneself in the midst of nature, participants experienced “Reincarnation Journey: Hagurosan Walk” and “Journey Tracing Matsuo Basho’s Narrow Path to the Deep North: Mogami River Boat Ride”.



▲Panel discussion

▲Tour of Tsuruoka Science Park facilities

▲Worship event at Dewa Sanzan Shrine in Sanjin Gozaimatsuden